How to Date a Sagittarius Man

In case you are dating a man who is a Sagittarius man, then no wonder you are concerned about how to date a Sagittarius man. As with a Sagittarius man you can expect the most unexpected to happen at any given point of time. You must have observed unless you are a Sagittarius female yourself that he is not faithful to the dates or schedules and chances are he is not faithful to you as well. This does not happen in the beginning though but gradually with time. As sticking to one person or thing is just not a cup of tea for the Sagittarius males.

They like talkative females and they certainly appreciate a friend to join him in his pursuits. It's noticed that most of the Sagittarius men are into sales or travel related jobs as they are good speakers and are fond of traveling themselves. Also it has been noted that these males have a girl in every port that they had visited. The Sagittarius men tend to get married when it's absolutely inevitable and they just don't have a way out of it. Else they simply love their freedom.

Normally Sagittarius men are funny and are very fond of sports like fishing and hunting probably their favorite pass time is chasing girls. And they become extremely popular too amongst girls too. Probably these are the reasons that had attracted you at some given point of time towards the Sagittarius male. Now things are different as time has passed and you have become old.

But to stay and have a long term relation ship with the Sagittarius man there are a few things that you ought to keep in mind. Since these male are absolutely in love with the freedom aspect in their lives you should allow them the same to the fullest extent. You should have a watch on them but you need to ensure that they do not under stand the same. Give them what they like the most. But do not fail to maintain the mystery woman image for yourself as a result of being adventurous in nature that is some thing they love to have in their lives, maintain the same and nevertheless.

Friends are very important for the Sagittarius men and they would have female friends around them in abundance. But you need not be bothered. Just respect the relationships that he has and do not loose your faith on yourself and on your partner unless you have a good enough reason for the same. Try to justify things and work out logic.

A Sagittarius man would go to a restaurant but probably would not even think twice before getting out of his coat and may be even his tie. They love their own comfort and the openness of nature. This is probably good to some extent. Do not try to keep them in bindings. Try to make them feel that you are the best bet for him as they need not choose on actions or words while they are with you. Make them feel that you love him for the kind of person that he is.